Back pain and disability

American family physicians have studied the factors affecting the performance of patients with back pain. As it turned out it only pain syndrome is a factor affecting the ability to work, but the depression that develops as a result of chronic pain and taking analgesics, especially drugs.

The authors base their conclusions on the observation of 363 patients seeking outpatient medical care to family physicians. The most frequently addressed with back pain women (72 percent) are overweight (mean body mass index of 33.4) whose pain has been observed for many years (mean 13.6 years).

In 83 percent were diagnosed with depression, a manifestation of which was compounded by a regular intake of opioid analgesics (59 percent).

As noted by Richard young, MD: "This observation for patients with back pain showed that treatment should be directed not only to fight pain. Screening and treatment of depression may be appropriate for some patients and would reduce the period of disability."

According to the materials of the American journal of family medicine

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