Bachelors die in 2 times more often than married peers

Scientists from the private research at Duke University, which is located in North Carolina, has proved one more plus family life. The results of their study showed that marriage prolongs the life of both men and women, especially if they have reached 40 years or more.

In this study, there were 4800 women and men 1940 year of birth. Scientists have tried to establish how interconnected the development of a human coronary heart disease with a change in marital status, tobacco and alcohol use, exercise, depression, hostility, optimism, pessimism, and sociability.

The result surprised the researchers. As it turned out, men and women of middle age die in 2 times more often than their married peers and peers. Not very different from singles, divorced people, widows and widowers. They have a frequency of deaths amounted to 1.64 times more compared to married peers.

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Scientists have noted that these figures are not influenced by factors related to health, behavior and personality investigated. By itself alone leads to rapid death due to the inability of singles to rely and count on their partners.

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