Baby strollers and chairs harm the child's health

Recent studies have shown the presence of harm from prolonged detention of a child in a child car seat and pushchair accessible. These children often experience delays in speech and mental development, they are worse given the development of physical skills. Data published edition of The Daily Mail. Thus, the first years of life have a profound effect on the future mental and physical development of the child.

Similar negative effects tablets and phones. Time with the phone responds to the total activity of the child, these children learn slower, not actively singing and creativity. Basic skills (balance, balance, fine motor skills and coordination) are laid in the first three years of life. Being in a wheelchair does not contribute to the development of cognitive functions.

In the long term it can result in bad grades in school. Scientists have proven that the child starts faster and more willing to talk, if he is in a wheelchair, facing the child to the parents. Even scientists say that crawling is a very important stage of development of the child. This cognitive process builds hand-eye coordination.

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