Baby food can be dangerous

According to a statement by the canadian authorities, the thickeners used in breast milk and baby food Simply Thick detected dangerous Supplement E known as xanthan gum. This Supplement is used to obtain a product of plasticity, but also because it can cause serious problems.

Last year saw a few episodes of necrotizing enterocolitis, as those who are born prematurely and have a perfectly healthy before children. All sick infants fed products Simply Thicк. Similar instances have occurred in the United States. Necrotizing enterocolitis is a disease of an inflammatory nature. It is expressed in different ways, but most often in the form apnea, anxiety, bradycardia, lethargy, poor diet, bleeding, shock. It can also be accompanied by swelling of the abdomen, bowel obstruction. The symptoms manifest in the form of lethargy, pallor, hypotonia.

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