Baby dreams will talk about possible mental disorders in a child

Analysis of nightmares in children will help doctors in the diagnosis of mental disorders, writes the BBC. Frequent nightmares - one of the signs of pathology of the nervous system. However, worrying is only if the nightmares are accompanied by shouts and movements during sleep. Also important is the frequency of occurrence of such dreams.

In the study, researchers watched thousands of 6.8 children almost from birth. Parents throughout the study were to write down all the dreams of the child, and at the end of the experiment, the scientists conducted a survey of the entire group for the presence of mental disorders.

It seemed that in 37% of cases, children were faced with nightmares for several years in a row. Draws attention to the fact that nightmarish dreams at the age of 12 3.5 times more often combined with mental health problems.

Scientists have two explanations for the findings. Mental disorders and nightmares can be associated with problems in family adaptation and communication with peers. Another group of scientists believed that all the matter in the special structure of the brain and its activity. However, all agree that we must not treat nightmares, and pathology that is causing them.

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