Baby care - selectable hygiene

Health child gives mother nature, but how to do so, not only save it, but to strengthen. Newborn babies need careful care, because a very small body still fragile and unable to withstand many environmental factors. From the first days of life it needs proper care and hygiene.

First you need to learn to handle Popovych. Usually, after discharge, the mother is faced with this one-on-one. This should be done 2 times a day using a cotton swab pre-moistened with a solution of brilliant green (2%). And isn't itself the wound and the area around it.

Every morning the child needs to wash his face and hands. This is usually quite warm boiled water. But special hygienic baby wipes will cope with this task. Care eyes are sterile wipes, which each eye is wiped in the direction from temple to nose. To cleanse the nose and ears will need a cotton flagella, and that the procedure took place as gently as possible and didn't cause the baby discomfort, moistened in sterile plant or vaseline oil.

Extremely important intimate hygiene. After each emptying the baby should wash under running warm water. The movement must come from the genitals and the anus. This is done to prevent the ingress of bacteria in the genitals. After this he laid on the prepared diaper, where the paper towels will help to remove excess moisture.

All funds of child hygiene should be absolutely safe for health. And the content of substances such as phthalates, mineral oil or parabens should be alerted. It is very important that such funds were soft and did not violate the natural environment of the mucous membrane of the child. Encouraged content of natural active ingredients that contribute to the normal development of the microflora of the child.

Savings on the health of the baby is not just undesirable, but is unacceptable. Selecting means for care of him, it is better to give preference to the well-known and trusted brands. And even better is to use the tools that are recommended by a doctor.

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