Babies with three parents can receive in the UK

The UK government intends to legalize the intervention of doctors in the genome of a human embryo. Thus, scientists will be able to get rid of unnecessary genes of the unborn child and replace them if necessary to a healthy donor genes, so the child will have not two, but three parents.

If successful, the outcome of the law will be adopted in the next year, in fact Britain will achieve a breakthrough in medicine, as previously mixing the genes of three parents in medicine was considered unacceptable. However, the decision on the adoption of the law will endure after public discussion, which has already sparked considerable.

Experiments have successfully been carried out on mice, the scientists were able to replace dangerous for the future health of the fetus genes in the mouse embryo, genes from other females. Thus was born the mice with two mothers and one father. Authorship method belongs to the scientists from Newcastle University, in many countries such experiments is prohibited. The new method and ardent opponents, they insist on being unethical conduct similar operations and the lack of knowledge about their consequences. In addition, critics believe that the resolution will lead to the fact that parents will choose their children color the gas and the hair on your taste, advance programming needs child herself. Scientists declare that appeared this way to light the baby will be like their parents, the only difference will be the absence of a dangerous stretch of DNA that causes dangerous diseases. Discussion regarding the law will last until December 7, and the result of the decision will be published in March next year. However, even in the case law prior to the creation of genetically modified children will be held from 5 to 7 years.

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