Babies inherent sense of justice

A recent study by child psychologists have shown that a sense of fairness and altruism appears in a child already in the infant age.

Infants aged from 15 months already perceive the difference between a fair and an unfair distribution of toys, food, their awareness of equality is already causing a desire to share toys.

"The results of the observations show that norms of fairness and altruism are acquired earlier than we thought", said Jessica Sommerville, Professor of psychology at the University of Washington".

Previous studies have shown that only two-year-olds appear first desire to help others, and at the age of about six or seven years, they already demonstrate a sense of justice.

Jessica Sommerville is an expert in the field of early child psychology suggested that higher feelings inherent in infants and conducted with his team observation of 47 children at the age of about 15 months. Children in the first phase were shown two video clips. In the first clip, the experimenter was holding a plate of sweets and distributed it between two other participants, on the second movie shared a pitcher of milk. Recorded "surprise" of children, which was manifested by increased attention and fixation on the story. Research has shown that children's "surprise" or "indignation" was longer in cases where the division of sweets and milk was unfair.

The second step was to experiment on your favorite baby toys. The children were asked gestures to share a toy. In the case when someone was toy - child rebelled and did not give her. The child willingly shared his toys when he was little, and asking the person a single.

The researchers summarized the results of two stages of experiments and determined that 92 percent of the children shared their toys were determined increased fixation on "unfair" the scenes videos.

This study shows the importance of fair treatment of children at an early age, especially in those families where there are several children, especially twins. Attention parents, toys, sweets should be distributed fairly.

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