Babies can distinguish the living from the lifeless - study

Scientists have found confirmation of his theory. Infants are able to distinguish living organisms from nonliving matter. This helps the child's quicker to experience the world. Skill is acquired by the child at the age of 10 months, says Medical News Today.

Only the study involved 350 children aged from 10 to 20 months. Scientists have tried to establish at what age the child comes the awareness of living and non-living objects.

In younger age, the child does not have enough words to Express their thoughts and emotions. Therefore, experts from Concordia University noted the time that the children were detained attention on the object. New items child considers longer. Computer graphics, "movies", where the table jumps over the wall, was attracting kids ' attention much longer than the episodes with the bus, crashed into a wall.

The thing is that moving objects familiar to the child.

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Scientists summarize: living items do the usual for baby steps. To distinguish the living from the dead even capable of 10-month-old baby. This gives him the ability to assimilate large amounts of information.

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