Avocado is a powerful weapon in the fight against free radicals

The unique properties of avocado oil. As it turned out it from the point of view of the anti-aging effect can be compared only with olive oil, writes The Telegraph. Avocado can also excellent to deal with heart disease and even cancer, showed the results of a study of Mexican scientists.

The whole secret lies in the ability of avocado to expose neutralizing dangerous molecules of oxygen - free radicals. The molecules include a chain reaction which leads to the destruction of proteins, membranes of cells and even DNA. In principle, these molecules represent as normal waste in the human body, but their accumulation, which provokes Smoking, radiation, environmental pollution, can undermine health.

Christopher Cortes-Rojo - head of the research States: "unlike other foods that help to fight free radicals, avocado perfectly "overpowered" radicals in the mitochondria. If the radicals win" mitochondria, in this case the cessation of energy production and eventually death of the cells.

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The experiments, which were performed with the yeast, showed a small amount of avocado gave the opportunity for the cells to survive even when the impact of a large portion of iron, provoking mass production of free radicals.

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