Avian influenza can be transmitted between people, Chinese experts believe

In China believe that the avian influenza virus can be transmitted from person to person, informs British newspaper Gardian.

Until recently it was believed that the virus can only be transmitted through contact of a healthy person with infected poultry. But the data of experiments conducted in China, say the opposite: the virus is able to spread from person to person. The reason of the beginning of the research was a case of transmission of disease from patient father to his daughter, who cared for him. The man was regularly visited by the bird market, and died two months after the last visit there. A week later, after the translation of the men in the hospital, ill, and his daughter, the symptoms were the same. Eventually Marla and she.

It should be noted that cases with similar symptoms were recorded and with the participation of other subspecies of bird flu, such as H5N1 or H7N7. But science has not proven that these viruses could mutate into a disease on a global scale.

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Recent deaths from bird flu in China is 43 people. There are 133 cases.

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