Autumn depression and how to cope with it

In Latin depression is called distress or mental disorder that is accompanied by a decrease in mood and lack of ability to rejoice, negative judgments and pronounced pessimism and motor inhibition. In this condition, lowered self-esteem and loss of interest in life.

In the autumn of stress and depression overwhelmed us stronger, because the days are getting shorter, the sun less and we start preparing for winter. The so-called autumn depression, is a type of seasonal depression. It has been linked to climate change, by reducing the length of day, temperature reduction and other "trouble". Psychologists know that almost every change of the conditions of human life, is directly related to the stress to the body.

Any person who takes time to adapt to the new conditions. Autumn Blues is often accompanied by sharp mood swings, drowsiness, or, conversely, insomnia, irritability, libido decreased, fatigue and apathy to everything. Is it possible to survive this period with minimal losses? Of course, even necessary! First of all, you must understand why you have attained this state. The discomfort associated with changes in the season or have other psychological problems, causes, or simply unmet needs.

In order to understand it, you just need to listen to yourself. We just need to, at some time to be with your thoughts in solitude and in a relaxed atmosphere. For this you need to pay at least half of the weekend, and it is better to go to the forest or to the river. Even if you do not understand, then at least rest.

Continue only if you understand what this condition from other causes not related, it is possible to speak with confidence about the impact of the changing season. Knowing that people need time to adapt, it is not recommended anything to drastically change in my life, because stress will only increase. Better to stay in a familiar rhythm and try to observe the regime of work and rest. It is desirable to communicate with friends or just friendly people, and also do the usual things bring joy. Worth it, as much as possible to take care of yourself, not overloaded with additional psychological or physical stress.

Treat yourself to nice things. It is important that we should not overly fond of alcohol and psychotropic drugs in this period, as they will give only temporary relief. If you understood that this condition was not committed due to climate change, and feel the burden of unresolved psychological problems of which you do not see output, it is better to consult a specialist such as a psychologist, can help.

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