As reported by Agence France-Presse, Chinese and Australian scientists have created a brand new plasma sterilizer. Its opening was attended by a team of scientists from different universities - the University of Hong Kong, Sydney, Grajonca University. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics published development scientists.

Currently, there are expensive plasma sterilizers are used to sterilize surgical instruments. But their use is very inconvenient in practice because of the large size and production of plasma at high temperatures. Producing the same low-temperature plasma sterilizer must always be connected to gas or electricity, otherwise, the operation of such apparatus will be suspended.

New sterilizer, developed by a group of scientists, does not require connection to the power source. This portable device, generating a plasma at room temperature (20-23 C), is running on battery power at 12 volts. The way the work will consist in the generation of electric pulses up to 20,000 per second. During the development of new apparatus were tested using film, resistant to high temperatures, and bacteria Enterococcus faecalis, on film caused 17 layers of bacteria. It was discovered that when the five-minute exposure of the sterilizer from bacteria has not disappeared.

Autonomous sterilizer are going to use for the treatment of wounds in the field, since, generating a plasma at room temperature, skin burns can be avoided. The cost of such devices will not exceed one hundred dollars, say Australian and Chinese developers.

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