Autistic children can become great mathematicians

Autism - pathology of brain development, which is characterized by lack of social interaction. Such people are not prone to interaction and contact with others, have a limited range of interests, tend to repeat the same actions. The cause of autism lies in the mutation of gene rearrangement, which at the moment is a mystery.

Until recently, autistic children were attributed to the group in need of special education. Such children are not pinned hopes for a rapid and effective absorption of the material.

Now the scientific community has studied the problem further, he changed his opinion. If the disease does not affect the intellectual level of the child, it can successfully learn the exact Sciences such as mathematics. The main reason is that in autism there is another scheme of the activation zone of the cortex, responsible for the recognition of objects and persons, writes Health 24.

The study confirmed when comparing the 18 patients with autism and 18 healthy children. Sick children were not inclined to maintain contact, but had some success in mathematics along with a healthy and sometimes higher.

The autistic children found abnormal activity diagram, which is located in the ventral-temporal division of the cerebral cortex. The opinion of scholars is that it is necessary to develop the abilities of these children. Many of them have great potential in the study of the exact Sciences. In addition, these children often remember the full chronology of events within a few years.

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