Autism does not preclude the memorization of new words, say scientists

Still the doctors can't come to a consensus: is autism a disease or a specific feature of the development of the child. In a recent study by experts from the University of Ohio have collected 15 of children with autism. The age of the subjects ranged from 18 months to 7 years. As a comparison group, the researchers used the data of 15 healthy children without mental development. On the results says the publication

It turned out that children learn and remember words on the same mechanisms and with the same success. No connection between poor memory and autism, scientists have not identified.

Children from the two groups about 75% of the cases followed the opinion of the teacher, until he called one of the subjects. Note that children with autism this type of behavior was far more difficult.

In another study, the researchers explained the General principle of learning words with children. Usually kids start from words that they already know. Thus grows the "word tree". Of "mom" with "dad" grow up "brother" and "sister", "Apple" "peach" and other fruits.

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