Autism can be cured, scientists

Experts from Columbia University believe they have discovered the main cause of autism. The researchers suggest that the brain of a person with autism contains an abnormally high number of SYNOPTIC neural connections.

In the process of growth and human development of synaptic communication gradually disappear. By early adolescence (9-12 years), their number is rapidly decreasing. In children with autism, this process occurs more slowly. Only 20% of links is reduced over time. As a result in nervous tissue, there is an excessive amount of protein mTOR, which is inextricably linked with connections between neurons. Scientists have already called the connection one of the main biological markers of autism.

Research group made its hypothesis after the experiment involving laboratory rats. The researchers injected in the animal organism, a substance suppressing the immune system and accelerating the excretion of protein mTOR. In the group of mice with symptoms of autism has greatly improved.

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Further development in this area will help you better understand the mechanisms of development of autism in humans and to find a tool that would be completely freed the world from this disease.

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