Australian scientists will create a bionic brain

Development will take place, if the government will allocate sufficient amount of money. To date, the amount needed is about $ 250 million, says SBS. Brain Academy of Sciences believes that it is necessary to bring together leading experts from different fields to work on the bionic brain.

The value of development can hardly be overestimated. The brain is one of the last mysteries for medicine. The features of his work are very important for most medical applications. Science is able to lift the veil on the mystery of the body. This will help in the development of tools for the treatment of mental illness and brain injury. Important and proper prevention of diseases of the nervous system. A number of pathologies associated with brain: dementia, Alzheimer's disease, concussion and bruises. Each of them deserves special attention and approach.

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Note that in the past year, scientists from the Institute of molecular biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences has created a similar brain in vitro. Of course, the resulting fabric is far from ideal, but it is quite suitable to study the efficacy of drugs.

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