Australian scientists have identified the cause of the reluctance of men to have sex

According to information received from Australian scientists, representatives of a strong half of mankind don't think too much about sex. This is affected by too much stress at work and constant stress.

During the experiment, which was attended by three hundred men, which scientists observed during the year, revealed the following results. It turned out that less than half of men willing to have sex every day. 25 % of volunteers said that the sex they have is not more than two or three times a week and 16 % of men said that the desire to have sex they have once a month or less.

Those men whose sexual desire has decreased, said that blame nervous congestion and the feeling of fatigue after a long working day. In the list of reasons that prevent sexual acts, were also quarrels with his wife/girlfriend, medications, illnesses and bad behavior of the second half.

In some cases, sex for men is a way to relieve stress after work.

It's worth to say that scientists believe the decline of libido in females is associated with fatigue, childbirth or breastfeeding babies.

Also earlier researchers talked about the fact that in 24 hours from men desire to have sex about 19 times. Among other things, as a partner in sexual intercourse in a strong half of humanity wants to see a slim partner.

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