Australian scientists have developed a new tool against cancer

Scientists claim that they have made a revolution in the treatment of cancer. Developing a new drug was originally occurred on the computer using the virtual modulation. With its help was simulated 25 thousand combinations of drugs. The perseverance and dedication of scientists to be envied: only one of the options was successful. Initial tests have proved that the drug acts on the growth of cancer cells.

This drug acts on tropomyosin. This protein, which is responsible for cell structure. Protein has a different structure depending on the cell type. Thus, the drug may act selectively only on cancer cells, while healthy cells are not subjected to destruction.

Previously developed drugs acted otherwise. They destroyed the protein actin, which is not different in healthy and cancer cells. Thus was destroyed as abnormal the cancer cells and healthy tissue, mainly epithelial. Skin, intestines, hair suffered from the effects of chemotherapy drugs.

Scientists are confident in the success of the drug. Already in 2014 will begin the first clinical trial in the treatment of neuroblastoma (tumors of nerve tissue).

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