Australia reported the first victory over the HIV virus. While in most countries the epidemic is only gaining momentum, Australia has found a way to reduce the incidence to an absolute minimum. No secrets from the authorities of the country.

Every year in Australia recorded only about a thousand new cases of HIV infection. This figure is on the border of the minimum threshold of the incidence of the human immunodeficiency virus. By 2020, according to the plans of the health system of the country, not a single person in Australia will die from AIDS.

The successes in the fight against ill associated with active in the prevention of disease. About birth control talk to students, from HIV infection in all possible ways to protect addicts and homosexuals, sex workers industry. Introduced even special educational programs. About early treatment of HIV authorities are also not forgotten.

All the measures described above be cheaper for the country than salvation from the disease of hundreds of thousands and millions of patients. Namely the prevention efforts should be directed, experts believe.

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