Australian scientists have created a test to predict autism

Scientists from Melbourne (Australia) managed to develop a genetic test that can predict autism spectrum disorders in children with 70% accuracy. The test will help detect the disease at early stages of development of the newborn, and therefore, will allow doctors to intervene early in the course of the disease and to help the child.

Experts from Melbourne University analyzed data from more than 3 thousand people with autism. In the study, researchers found 237 genetic markers in 146 genes. Some of the markers protect us from the development of autism, others, on the contrary, contribute to the development of the disease. Measuring markers associated with the manifestations of the symptoms of autism, you can fairly accurately predict the risk of developing the disease. The test allows to determine, ill do autistic people of Central European origin. With regard to the correctness of the test in other ethnic groups, there is still research is not finished.

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At the moment of 150 people 1 suffers from a disorder in the autistic spectrum. Autism is a disorder of brain development. The symptoms of disorders characterized by deficits in social communication and interaction, from easy socialty to mental retardation, nervous disorders and utter miscommunication. The symptoms of this disease usually occur before the age of 3 years. Today, autism, and other disorders of mental development, is not treated. But the condition of autism with the help of therapy can be facilitated, and the development of the syndrome is significantly mitigated.

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