Australian scientists have created a device that causes the layer of cells at the wound

Australian scientists from the University of Wollongong has created a new device that allows you to put a layer of cells at the site of tissue damage. Scientists believe that this technology will help in the restoration of the cartilage, muscles and bones. The device is compact and in its form resembles a normal pen, however instead of ink inside are stem cells and growth factors.

The device allows you to grow new tissue directly in the body of the patient. At the moment, scientists are taking a cell culture to grow cartilage or bone in the laboratory and then transplant it. Biological pen BioPen is similar to a 3D printer, where the program of restoration of tissue is determined by the physician.

The device consists of a cartridge, inside of which is a mixture of stem cells and growth factors, and the source of UV radiation. Once the cells are sprayed on the surface of the damaged tissue, the radiation fixes them and allows you to put the cells in layers, to form a surround frame. In the end, the cells fill up early and begin to differentiate. Form muscle, bone and cartilage fibers that fill the defect.

It is worth noting the versatility of the developed design. As the filling can be any medicinal substance that can accelerate tissue regeneration. Today, specialists are working on improving cellular material. In the future it will be possible to transition to another level in the field of cellular medicine.

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