Australia is experiencing a shortage of donor blood, the stocks of spent

Australians faced a large-scale crisis of the health system. On the Continent there is an acute shortage of donor blood and its stock has remained less than 3 days, the Agency 9 News.

Red cross Australia reports: "If to be extremely accurate, it reserves all blood groups were only 2.2 days. This situation is a result of the decreased volume of blood that you donate donors. From February of the current year the volume of donations fell by 27 thousand liters in comparison with the required standards".

Katie Bolin - representative of the blood Service says: "the Red cross is not washes to know what is the cause of the incident donor crisis. Specialists in the last decade never seen anything like it never".

The red cross called on all the people who've already donated blood, to urgently come to the service and re-become a donor. This call applies to every healthy citizen. Taking into account the fact that the package with blood on average, you can store about five days, then in this situation requires regular replenishment of this delicate material.

According to statistical data, in any moment of life, every third person needs a blood transfusion. But the blood in Australia deals only every 30th resident of the continent. Currently, donors there is a palpable lack. Experts can give predictions that will change the situation in this "industry" in the near future.

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