Attractive women can be identified by voice

In women with sexy voice there are special facial features: big lips, high cheekbones and soft line of the lower jaw, the perfect symmetry of the face. Scientists believe that symmetry is one of the sign of the well-functioning of the genetic apparatus, according to The Hindustan News.

Scientists invited 42 girls, photographed and recorded their voices. Entries allowed to listen to men. Next were shown pictures without communication with the voice. Sexiest voice in most cases really belonged beautiful girls.

Scientists explain the phenomenon. A beautiful voice is determined properly placed vocal chords, free breathing with the nose, the correct form of the larynx. These characteristics indirectly indicate the symmetry of the face.

A study conducted earlier, confirms the information. Women with low and hoarse voice rarely interviewed for employment. Such characteristics voices create an unattractive image. Employers consider such workers unreliable people.

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