Attractive men have a stronger immunity than a beautiful woman

Conducted by Finnish scientists from the University of Turku study found that handsome men get sick less often because their immune system stronger. Meanwhile, the same cannot be said about pretty women.

The researchers concluded that the external beauty and attractiveness are associated with a stronger immune system. But this relationship was observed only with men, but for women, this statement does not apply. Scientists from Finland vaccinated against hepatitis b 52 Latvian girls. After that, it was measured the number of the produced antibodies in their body, as well as the level of stress hormone - cortisol. The final step was that all the girls took pictures and showed them to photo eighteen students to determine their degree of attractiveness.

The researchers wanted to establish a relationship between immune response and visual appeal, but to install it failed. But a scientific experiment of a similar nature conducted among men, showed the presence of this connection. That is, the more cute was the man, the stronger was his immunity.

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According to the researchers, most likely female attraction signals the presence of another type of immune protection than men. In their opinion, to draw conclusions about the attractiveness of women is not an indicator of a stronger immune system, too early. This is why researchers intend to conduct additional research. Despite the fact that female attractiveness is not protected against hepatitis b, were installed two other factors communication women's health and beauty. These are the levels of the stress hormone - cortisol and fat level in the body.

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