Attachment to video games similar dependence on alcohol and drugs

According to Olivia Metcalf, play cannot occupy the thoughts of active gamers even when they try to focus on other things. As reported by ABC News, this phenomenon, the possession of which is known heroin addicts, drunkards, and gamers, called "shifting attention".

The shift of attention was observed even those gamers who have not yet discovered the negative symptoms of dependence. Therefore, the appearance in the brain related changes in attention occurs when only dependency develops.

This fact may help to identify the key signs of addiction. According to Metcalfe, the scientific community has been in a situation where gambling has been the subject of speculation. Few really knowledgeable in this subject. This discovery will allow us to develop new treatments.

At the same time, in General only a small number of gamers are fixed due to their love for the game negative effects, such as sleep disorders, nutrition, problems in relationships, at work and in school. In this regard, according to Metcalfe, proposals for the introduction of restrictions on games are deprived of their relevance.

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