At what age a person is at the peak of vitality? – the answer scientists

Peak energy is not in childhood or even 18-25 years old. The maximum level of energy one attains to 31 year, say scientists. At this time the effort will produce maximum results, and the body has no time to grow old.

The opinion of scientists is at odds with the position many people believe that after 30 years there comes a calm life with no surprises, predictable and boring. It turns out that only the mid-years we achieve maximum performance. The next burst of energy expects the majority of people in the 55 years before retirement.

These were installed as part of a survey of two thousand British. According to the results, 40% of adults believe that 31 years is the happiest period in my life. With age also increases the percentage of people involved in sports. If 20-year-old rarely think about their health in the future, in 30 years, most such thoughts and extra motivation to maintain an active lifestyle.

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