At twenty girls any awkward movement can lead to dislocation

According to The Daily Mail, twenty-year-old Lauren Harry is able from any sudden movements, including sneezing or cellania, to dislocate the shoulder. That is why doctors recommend for her to do so with extreme caution, so as not to be subjected to dislocation of joint of shoulder. There are cases when such incidents happen with Lauren ten times a day.

According to doctors, the reason for this is the syndrome Ehlers Dunloe. This syndrome refers to a genetic disorder in which there is a lack of collagen synthesis. For the first time the same thing happened to a girl at 11 years of age. It was then that she started having pain in his legs.

At the age of 15 years, Lauren has damaged the shoulder, and from that moment she began to permanent displacement of the shoulder and other joints, including the knee and finger. Surgery for shoulder also did not help, because the effect after surgery remained only 9 months.

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The latter transferred the girl's injury was offset joints of the fingers. The injury was obtained her when she just tried to get up from the couch. Cut all of the above troubles, Lauren suffers from allergies to sesame seeds and nuts, which can provoke anaphylactic shock.

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