At low-dose oral contraceptives revealed some side effects

Oral low-dose contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancy are optimal for women. Meanwhile, scientists from the USA, it was found that they are quite painful and serious side effects. In the present research, was attended by about one thousand women. As it turned out, a reduced dose of the hormone estrogen, which is part of contraceptives leads to the fact that women begin to experience chronic pelvic pain, and pain during orgasm.

Scientists from the medical school at Stanford University conducted a comparative analysis of pain in women who take low-dose oral contraceptives, with manifestations of pain in women taking contraceptives with standard doses of hormones. It should be noted that scientists found low-dose pills containing less than 20 micrograms of estrogen. Contraceptive containing 20 micrograms or more of estrogen are considered standard.

Conducted a survey of 932 women in the age group 18 to 39 years revealed their degree of pain, including during sex. In addition, respondents were specified dosage taken by them of preparation. 605 women replied that they did not take oral contraceptive. 327 women took oral contraceptives, of which almost 50% - low. In turn 27 percent from receiving this type of contraception of women experience pelvic pain or other pain. Meanwhile, among those not taking oral contraceptives, or among those who took the standard contraceptive, this figure was 17.5 percent.

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According to the authors of the study, it is early to draw final conclusions, but at the same time they recommend receiving low-dose contraceptives to women, if they are experiencing referred pain, go to standard medicine or to stop taking oral contraceptives.

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