Asymptomatic inflammation of the prostate

As the name implies, asymptomatic prostatitis (asymptomatic inflammation of the prostate) has no pronounced symptoms, so often it is diagnosed during autopsy or during various surgical procedures in the field of prostate needle biopsy, transurethral resection prostatectomy).

Causes of

There are many factors that contribute to the development asimptomaticescoe inflammation of the prostate. Among them:

• age;

• hormonal disorders or imbalances;

• increase tissue of the prostate, due to the formation of new cells;

• neurotrophic disorders;

• poor circulation;

• failure of the outflow of the prostate gland secretion;

• urinary disturbances caused by changes in the activity of the receptor;

• bacterial infection;

• retention of urine, which are chronic in nature;

• impaired immunity.


Patients who are diagnosed with asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis, treatment, regardless of the results of laboratory, histologische cytological studies do not need.

Indications for starting treatment of this disease are:

• infertility;

• the presence in the body of recognized pathogens;

• increased PSA level;

• positive results of the microbiological examination;

• the need for surgical treatment on the prostate gland.

Treatment includes drugs used in chronic bacterial prostatitis.


To ensure asimptomaticescoe inflammation of the prostate is widely used massage technique prostate cancer. The most well-known and accepted method is the Manila Protocol. Asymptomatic prostatitis massage are usually supplemented by receiving broad-spectrum antibiotics.


For prevention of this disease neobhodimo regular urological research. There are General (blood and urine) and special methods (the study of the secret of the prostate gland, ultrasound examination of the kidney, prostate and bladder, rectal examination, uroflowmetry) survey of urological patients. At an older age may also have a blood test for PSA and prostate biopsy to exclude the possibility of prostate cancer.

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