Astronomers have determined the approximate date of the last solar Eclipse

The frequency of total solar eclipses will gradually decrease, until, until they cease altogether. This conclusion was possible to make astronomers previously clear about the definition that the Moon is getting farther from our planet. Once the distance between celestial bodies become so large that the Moon would just not be able to completely overshadow the entire surface of our luminary.

According to published press reports (with reference to competent sources in NASA), it will happen roughly six hundred million years.

In the so-called full Eclipse of the sun must be involved, the Moon, the Earth and, in fact, the Sun. Thus at some point above the orbit of the heavenly bodies must be the same. However, over time the frequency of this phenomenon will steadily decline.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in early August, 2017, the Moon will be close to the visible from the Ground surface of the sun for as much as one and a half hours. However, to observe the Eclipse will be only the inhabitants of the Northern regions of the Western hemisphere.

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