Astronomers from the UK will come together to search for extraterrestrial life

British astronomers plan was developed for the search for extraterrestrial life using a network of radio telescopes that are able to find signals from deep space. The Guardian reports that in the framework of this project the largest telescopes in the country will collect data and send them for processing in Cotellessa the radio Observatory (Cheshire).

After the implementation of that plan in the life of Britain will be the second after the United States government, purposefully search for extraterrestrial life.

Tim O'brien, Deputy Director of the Observatory in Jodrell-Bank, made on 5 July at the meeting of the Royal astronomical society. In his speech he said that the network of radio telescopes e-Merlin can take part in the search of alien life. In addition, he noted that modern telescopes capable of accepting a wide range of radio waves that can come from extraterrestrial civilizations.

For this purpose it is necessary the use of ultra-sensitive receivers, which can filter out all the noise coming from broadcasting and natural sources.

Currently telescopes network (e-Merlin is constantly loaded by the study of such exotic objects as quasars, pulsars and black holes are explored. The easiest way to locate signals from other planets - to carefully examine the data obtained from these telescopes.

However, if additional financial influences astronomers could draw the attention of telescopes on certain parts of the sky, which are extrasolar planets located in the habitable zone of their stars.

Also O'brien noted that the processing of existing humanity of data from radio telescopes is a logical step in space exploration and the search for extraterrestrial

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