Astigmatism in children

Congenital disease is hereditary in nature, which in the eye at the same time there are two optical focus is astigmatism. The child with astigmatism few retards the development of vision systems, as well as frequent and common development, so none of the tricks is not in the right place and all information is perceived in a distorted way.

To manifest the disease at any age, as a child and an adult. Most commonly diagnosed astigmatism, the child is already 2 years old on the maintenance inspection. The baby did not show the presence of disease, and to diffuse the image of the surrounding world, he quickly gets used to and learn to accept it.

If astigmatism is the initial degree, it may not be noticeable in the course of life, but different degrees of the disease result in strabismus and can cause a delay of mental development.

Astigmatism occurs due to the irregular shape of the cornea or lens, which makes it impossible to properly refracted light beam, that is, after or in front of the retina instead of on it.

Preventive examinations facilitate detection of astigmatism, but parents should at the slightest symptoms to consult an ophthalmologist. Parents should be wary if there are symptoms such as:

• dizziness the child;

• eye strain when he stares at the subject. Often children with astigmatism do not like to read and complain about the difficulty of focusing the eyes on the picture in the book or printed text;

• if your child says that watching double or blurry image, tilts his head and narrows his eyes in an attempt to better see anything;

• frequent fatigue and headaches in the superciliary forehead.

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Astigmatism low degree often disappears or does not require correction, but progressive disease must be treated. The most common method of treatment of astigmatism - wearing glasses with the special glasses cylindrical shape or the use of contact lenses (for older children). After the child's 18th birthday, if necessary, the operation is performed, correcting the curvature of the lens or cornea.

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