Asthmatics need more time for conception

Asthma is a serious disease associated with allergic status and violation of bronchial patency. During attacks narrows the lumen of the bronchi, there are wheezing, leaves thick sputum. Asthmatics should always be under the supervision of a physician and to take specific medications to prevent seizures. However, this disease not only affects the respiratory system. It turns out that women with asthma are more likely to face problems with conceiving a child. These data are published by the group of scientists of the University hospital of Bispebjerg. In experiment took part more than 15 thousand pairs of twins, reports Medical News Today. The twins were separated p the principle of the presence or absence of bronchial asthma. The second division was on the principle of the presence or absence of treatment of this disease.

The study showed that 27 percent of women with asthma could not for a long time to conceive a child, whereas in healthy women, this figure was 6 percent lower. Untreated asthma increased the rate to 30 percent, and the presence of a constant treatment and monitoring their status asthmaticus reduced the risk to 24 percent.

A special group are women over thirty years with bronchial asthma. It should be noted that the number of children born healthy mothers and mothers with asthma do not differ. In addition, asthmatics often think about the early physiological pregnancy in the age of 30-35 years, which positively affects the health of the fetus and pregnancy.

Scientists have noted that in some cases, asthma can affect pregnancy. The development of inflammation in the asthmatic status may have on the reproductive system negative impact, reduce fertility and increase the risk of developing diseases in the fetus.

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