Asthma may occur due to wet linen on the battery

Allergies and asthma are forced to suffer the many people who are not even aware that they themselves are guilty of causing a disease. After studying the living conditions of people, scientists from Scotland came to the conclusion that a large number of foci allergies can be found in every home.

Experts from the special Department of McIntosh involved in environmental studies, have established one household feature, characteristic for the majority of Housewives. Many women drying wet underwear carried out directly in a residential area with special dryers or radiators. This habit is connected to the high humidity in the house. Despite the fact that such an environment creates ideal conditions for the development of dust mites and mold, which, in turn, sources of asthma and allergies.

Washed linen hung in the bathroom, wanting to dry faster, 96% of families. However, do not consider that these rooms are the place of their stay.

In addition, hazardous to human health and spread the fabric softener. Their high toxicity due to the fact that when evaporation manifest various allergic reactions. In air conditioners detected the presence of acetaldehyde - dangerous carcinogenic substances.

Advice of scientists boil down to the fact that the rules of construction and sanitary norms appeared the requirement of placing the dryer in separate premises not intended for human habitation. In addition, experts are asked to remember about the ventilation of the rooms and the need for good ventilation of the dwelling.

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