Asthma in athletes

In athletes one of the most common diseases is asthma. Paula Radcliffe, the famous runner in the marathon, unfortunately, too sick. The number of athletes who did not pass asthma, increases with each Olympics, so, in 2004, among the participants of the Olympiad team great Britain 21% suffered from asthma, at that time, as this disease has only 8% of ordinary Britons.

The results, published journalist Sophie Arie in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) show that, perhaps, many athletes who suffer from asthma, use of ineffective treatment, thereby risking dangerous health consequences.

Intense physical activity often cause symptoms similar to asthma. Some athletes use inhalers, type beta-2-agonists, believing that it increases its efficiency. But studies have shown that the relations between inhalers and increase efficiency no. Testing conducted in 2001, showed that a diagnosis of "asthma" was delivered to certain athletes mistakenly, and other athletes actually had this disease, but had no idea about this.

In the result, there were concerns that athletes using the wrong medication can cause yourself great harm. So, athletes may only suffer from symptoms of asthma that is triggered by physical exercise, but they require monitoring and treatment, other than what is necessary for asthma.

In 2011, researchers conducted a study which showed that, since 2000, in each Olympic athletes with asthma has become much more than healthy athletes. This has sparked an interest, as they are thus able to win Olympic medals in spite of illness.

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