Asthma hinders the successful conception of a child – the scientists

A group of researchers found: the presence of the mother with bronchial asthma and reduces the likelihood of successful conception. This disease reduces fertility. In total the study involved 245 women of childbearing age. All were diagnosed with one form of Allergy, 96 people suffered from asthma.

The experiment took scientists a year. During this time, the volunteers took tests and filled out the questionnaire.

The results of this work suggest that women having asthma prevents her to get pregnant. The statistics speak for themselves: 60,4% of women without asthma, compared with 39.6% of women with asthma was able to get pregnant. The difference is almost two times – a serious gap that attracts the attention of physicians from all over the world.

Thus, the presence of asthma increases the average period of conception to 55.6 months. The same indicator in the presence of only one Allergy is 32.2 months.

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