Aspirin reduces the risk of developing stomach cancer

Scientists from the UK data was analyzed more than 200 studies and found aspirin effects on the human body. As it turned out, a daily intake of the drug can reduce the risk of cancer of the stomach and other organs of the digestive system by 30-40%.

According to a study, aspirin reduces the likelihood of cancer of the lung, prostate, and mammary glands. Scientists explain the phenomenon is very simple: aspirin in small doses thins the blood and reduces the risk of blood clots. This increases the service life of the tissues and improves their properties.

Scientists suggest if everyone in the UK after 50 years took a quarter of an aspirin every day, it would help to save up to 122 thousands of lives in just 20 years.

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Note, not all shown aspirin. The drug increases the likelihood of stomach bleeding. In addition, you should not take aspirin for people with inflammation of the stomach.

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