Aspirin reduces the risk of developing ovarian cancer by one third

U.S. scientists have conducted a study which proved that regular consumption of aspirin reduces the risk of developing ovarian cancer by 34%. To achieve this effect it is necessary consumption of 100 mg per day.

It should be noted that the rate of 34% is the maximum. On average, the risk fell by 20%. A lot depends on the health of the woman, her age and lifestyle, scientists say.

Aspirin is extremely controversial medicine. The main focus of his actions anti-inflammatory effect. Doctors advise to drink a quarter of the pill to reduce the risk of blood clots. This applies mostly to people over the age of 40 years.

Have drugs and negative sides. It is believed that aspirin affects the condition of the stomach and intestines, cause gastritis and ulcers, impairs motor skills.

Previously, scientists found a link between the growth of women and the occurrence of cancer. It turned out that every 10 cm increase the risk of tumor development by 13%.

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