Aspirin is useless in IVF

There is no confirmation of the widely held belief that taking aspirin increases the chances of women getting pregnant when undergoing IVF. Controversial is the very prescription taking aspirin during IVF. Proponents of this method believe that aspirin improves blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, however, there is concern that aspirin can cause difficulty during pregnancy and miscarriage.

Researchers from the University of Athens analyzed data from 13 clinical trials, in which participated 2653 women undergoing IVF. Many of them took 100 mg of aspirin per day.

However, scientists have come to the conclusion that no benefit from aspirin during IVF is not observed, no increased likelihood of getting pregnant.

After IVF, many couples feel desperate and willing to believe anything. In reality, however, aspirin does not help women to get pregnant. On this basis, many hospitals and doctors will have to reconsider its policy regarding prescribed to women in the IVF drugs.

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