Aspirin is dangerous and ineffective tool for people without obvious disease

Aspirin is an extremely popular drug. It relieves inflammation, lowers the temperature. It is proved that the minimum dose of the drug improves blood rheology, reduce the degree of thrombosis, which is a decent prevention of thrombosis.

Bayer AG tried to enter the appropriate instructions on the packages of aspirin, the drug can be used and people without overt disease. However, officials refused innovation: aspirin should be taken only on the testimony and after consultation with the attending physician.

Note, despite a number of positive properties of drugs, it is necessary to know about its side effects. As the acid, aspirin aggravates the stomach gastritis and peptic ulcer. There are known cases of internal bleeding, aspirin-induced asthma.

In General, experts agree that aspirin should not be taken for healthy people moved without heart attacks. However, some doctors do not agree with this opinion and prescribe medication, most patients are middle-aged and elderly.

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