Aspirin helps women to get pregnant study

Richard Paulson, Vice President of the American society of reproduction, advises that all women planning a pregnancy, take a quarter of the big tablets of aspirin in females. This drug improves the flow properties of blood, increases the blood flow to the sexual organs. Additionally, aspirin has anti-inflammatory properties, says The Daily Mail.

Aspirin, according to the study, and helped to pregnant women, who had in the life history of at least one miscarriage or the presence of chronic inflammation. We will note, the Professor advises use aspirin to all women who plan to conceive a child. The exception is the group of people who are allergic to aspirin and disease of the gastrointestinal tract.

Note that aspirin has some side effects, from digestive problems to the development of the internal bleeding. Physicians are advised to consult a doctor before self-prescribing the drug.

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