Aspirin helps with depression - the scientists

Scientists have found: anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen, can help with symptoms of depression. Data have been proven by experts from Cambridge University. As it turned out, reducing inflammation in the body and suppresses mental pathology.

According to the results of recent studies, the immune system is involved in the formation of the mental health of the person. Anti-inflammatory therapy is the new key to treatment Ipatios, depression and other mental disorders.

The immune system can be compared with the thermostat. There is a group of people with a permanent presence in their body low-level infection. Such people have lowered immunity and increased risk of depression and psychosis.

There is a clear link between infectious processes and mental illness. During infection, the body produces proteins IL-6, markers of inflammation. According to scientists, they increase the risk of mental illness.

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Note that while described connection too early to say. Need more research to prove the theory of the interaction of the human immune system and higher nervous activity.

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