Aspirin helps with depression – scientists

Sometimes the cause of depression lies behind the physical state of a person, and not for psychological problems requiring special treatment. Psychiatrists prescribed for depression antidepressants. Scientists at Cambridge University believe the application of this group of drugs is not always justified.

In some cases of depression can help anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. In the analysis of health status of 3.6 million people, scientists noticed, chronic inflammatory diseases (Crohn's disease, arthritis) in 45% of cases resulted in characteristic changes in behaviour and symptoms of depression. There was a similar situation with complicated infections: hepatitis and sepsis. 62% of people in this group suffered from depression.

Scientists believe, along with the psychiatrists the treatment of such patients should do the classic doctors. Sometimes to defeat depression, you need to assign an aspirin or paracetamol, and the heavy antidepressants can wait.

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