Aspirin helped the woman to become a mother

An interesting case happened with Sarah Broadfield. Woman for 10 years tried to bear children, but each IVF-pregnancy ended in miscarriage. One pill of aspirin helped 34-year-old Sarah to become a mother, having given birth to a healthy child, writes The Daily Mail.

The study of the phenomenon has opened the curtain on some of the issues associated with a succession of miscarriages. It turned out the pathology caused too thick blood. In addition to receiving aspirin, the woman needed injection of anticoagulants. The diagnosis of antiphospholipid syndrome, increasing the risk of thrombosis and miscarriages.

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Under normal conditions, the disease did not prevent the woman to live a normal life, but pregnancy is a special stage, activating all reserve forces of the body. The result is that the patient could not bear a child until her blood system is not stabilized doctors.

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