Asians are more prone to abdominal obesity

Canadian scientists have found that some ethnic groups are more at risk of the accumulation of excess fat around the internal organs. People from South Asia to accumulate fat around the internal organs are much more likely than members of other ethnic groups. Asians have less space to store fat under the skin, than the Europeans, hence their excess fat overwhelm the internal compartments of the abdominal cavity, liver and affect their work.

Fat stored around vital organs, called visceral, its accumulation is also associated with metabolic problems such as increase in blood sugar and blood fats. All of these risk factors can eventually lead to coronary heart disease.

The researchers found that the body mass index natives of India puts them at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, including diabetes and abdominal obesity.

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This study explains why South Asians are experiencing health problems at a much smaller weight than the Europeans. The opening of the canadian scientists should also encourage doctors to send to the research on the hearts of Asians at a much smaller deviation from normal weight than Europeans.

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