As will be developing brain of the unborn child depends on vitamin C

A group of scientists from the University of Copenhagen have found that problems in brain development in a child can be caused by lack of vitamin C with his mother. After the birth of the correction of these defects is impossible. Research scientists have proved once again how important it is to follow a diet and lead a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy.

The importance of the role of vitamin C in the development of the child's brain is connected with the fact that it develops blood vessels, protein and collagen. Also pretty positive its impact on shaping the immune system of the child.

The contents of quite a large number of vitamin C have citrus, and most of all - red pepper. 100 grams of this product contains 252 mg of the vitamin. But the normal functioning of the body involves not only eating foods with vitamin, but their assimilation. Therefore, the use of pregnant alcoholic beverages and Smoking are strictly prohibited.

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Also should refrain from the use of vitamin C immediately in large quantities. More useful would be to take a small dose, but constantly.

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