As there are cockroaches and ways of dealing with them at home

In big cities and small towns, the problem arises not only traffic, but also not invited residents, cockroaches. How did these horrible insects are trapped in our house. The options are many: from basements, drain pipes, ventilation, neighbours and other places.

How to do so, even if the cockroach got your house, do not give him will multiply? Although cockroaches breeding pairs, breeding need special conditions. To the insects have not increased their number in your home, do not leave food on the table or on the open places, so try not to leave the water.

Cockroaches do not like purity, and unable to reproduce. But unsanitary, they just love.

To make these insects is very easy, much harder to bring them out. To combat cockroaches developed special powders, traps, poisons, different baits, but very often the insects are getting used to the poison and not go, but if you go, then you can come back again. One should not forget that the chemicals are harmful not only to us but to our Pets, so if you're going to poison Prusakov, poison, give the pet at the time of close. The best option would be disinsection - you will come to a special service on the elimination of cockroaches and eliminate them, if you call pest service not possible, there are other effective methods to eliminate cockroaches.

These insects are very tenacious, so just to nail his newspaper will not work, try to spread it, otherwise in a short time he will again run around the apartment and cause you discomfort.

There is an old, antiquated method, take boric acid and added to the open water, it can be a sink or toilet. Just sprinkle the powder ventilation plinth, the smell of boric acid is to chase them away. As cockroaches, as people can not last long without water, gradually, they will die, or go away from you.

Boric acid, causes the cockroach severe burns, and ate her or touching her body with his mustache, he starts to rush about in search of water, if he could find her, you will die.

You can make balls of boric acid and egg yolk, put these balls in those places where you notice cockroaches and wait for gatecrash get away from you. Egg smell will kill the smell of acid, thereby attracting cockroaches, and they will eat the poison, harmless to humans and animals.

Even after this method will leave your house in a few weeks, but traps it is better to leave, so the female before leaving, could leave the eggs.

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Keep your apartment clean, do not leave rubbish and food anywhere and then you will not have cockroaches.

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