As the time to determine what your child is sick?

Moms and dads of kids often wonder about how the time to determine what their child becomes ill. And it is no coincidence, in fact any disease quickly and easily treated, if you take action in the initial stages of its development. It is very important that parents learned to give an accurate assessment of the condition of the child even in a time when seemingly nothing portends trouble and the child is absolutely healthy.

Actually, to tell about the health of the baby chair, the color of the mucous membranes and skin, the body temperature. My mother would from time to time to look to the child in the mouth. After all, it is not necessary to have a medical education to assess the condition of the teeth, language, size, and color of the tonsils, the General condition of the oral cavity. Healthy appearance and color of mucous pharynx should not differ from the color of the mucous membrane covering the inner surface of the cheeks.

It is very important from time to time to estimate the size of the tonsils how they are visible and act under the Palatine arches. If the tonsils are enlarged, in most cases, this indicates that the development of inflammation. At this high temperature, the child may not be. In this case, one should consult a physician pediatrician, which will allow you to avoid serious complications of angina.

About ill health may be evidence of the language of the child. He is the mirror of the stomach." On the development of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or food allergies evidenced by the presence on the surface of the tongue plaque, iscertainly type maps.

The mucosa of the eyes also requires periodic inspection. It is enough to gently pull down the lower eyelid and to evaluate the mucosa. If its color is unnaturally pale, it may indicate anemia, however, if too bright, maybe it's a sign of allergies or conjunctivitis.

The skin must be thoroughly evaluated. On the development of various diseases can testify to its excessive dryness or humidity, the presence of rashes and itches, pigmentation, light areas. In order not to cause the child's anxiety, the skin should be inspected during evening dress-up, or after a shower.

The natural origin of the baby must not be left without attention of a doting mother. You need to evaluate the transparency and color of urine, color and consistency of stool, presence of spots on linen or secretions from the nose and other Attentive attitude of parents to the child's health status will allow the doctor to make the most accurate diagnosis.

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