As shown by the experiment, sex is not the cause, provoking childbirth in pregnant women

Is, if you have sex during pregnancy, labor activity can be initiated. According to Reuters, recent studies, this claim is refuted. The merit of this discovery belongs to Dr. Tang Pins Chiono of Malay University, together with his colleagues.

Miraculous properties intercourse was based on the following theories. According to one, semen contains prostaglandin, a synthetic formula which can induce labor. Add to this the breast stimulation and orgasm causing uterine contractions.

Experts say that on the basis of these myths many people believe in the ability of sexual intercourse to cause cancer, because of what he recognized as a fundamentally dangerous. Not agreeing with this, they invited 1100 women who were at 35-38 weeks of pregnancy. Each of them admitted lack of sex in the last six weeks before the experiment.

Half the women were convinced of the security of frequent sex. Others warned about the uncertain effect in relation to childbirth. In the end, following the Council was 85% of the participants from the first group. At the same time, in the second group, 80% of women also admitted having sex.

Despite the fact that in the first group of women had sex more often than the second, strong differences in performance caused birth was 22% and 20.8%, respectively. Scientists believe that these cases are likely to have been accidental. The duration of pregnancy were about 39 weeks.

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